CEI Internships is pleased make available an on line service to the subscribers of its publications. For a subscription fee of $330.00 per year, subscribers receive their choice of four hard-copy resources and online access to the thousands of internships and seasonal jobs contained in all of our publications. Or, you may choose the online subscription plus 2 discs containing ALL the books in your subscription, in printable format.

If you're not interested in or have no need for printed copies, subscribers can receive online access to all publications for an annual fee of $255.00.  In most cases, direct links are provided to the home pages of the employers who list their positions in our publications. With a total of 19 current resources available on line, we know your students will enjoy having 24/7 access to opportunities with over 3,000 organizations. Over 80 law schools and 230 undergraduate career services offices have already subscribed.

For more information please feel free to call us at 336-703-8584.

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